Director Sergei L. Nikitin Joint Stock Company "Scientific-research Department of "MATI" Russian State University of Technology named after Tsiolkovsky" (abbreviated JSC "NICH "MATI") was established by the resolution of RSFSR's State Commøttee of Science and Higher Education of 11.12.1991, ¹ 256 for the organization and carrying out the complex researches in the interest of the economy.

By the Federal Government Executive Order from 08.12.2011 ¹2226-r JSC "NICH "MATI" referred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and a member of the department of electronic industry. New version of the company charter approved by order of the Russian Ministry of Industry ¹285 from 22.03.2012.

The main customers of works carried out by JSC "NICH" MATI "during 2009-2012, were: the Federal Space Agency, Aerospace companies, such as -" United Aircraft Corporation ", JSC" Sukhoi Design Bureau ", JSC GKNPTs them M. V. Khrunichev, JSC "Helicopters of Russia", JSC "Composite", JSC "Aerocomposite", JSC "Irkut", JSC "Agat", JSC "Technomash", JSC "TsNIIMASH", OAO RSC "Energia", "Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", JSC "Aeroflot", companies of the radiotechnical direction: JSC "RTI", JSC "NIIR", of the nuclear industry: NRNU "MiFi", etc.

Director of JSC "NICH "MATI" for the past 10 years, is Sergei L. Nikitin, Doctor of Engineering, professor.

The enterprise has a Science and Technology Council, a quality management system in accordance with the international standards iso 9001:2008. The company has a license of the FSB to carry out work using information as a state secret, and the Russian Federal Space Agency for space activity.