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Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, Department of Electronic Industry
Joint Stock Company "Science&Research Department of "MATI" Russian State University of Technology named after Tsiolkovsky" (JSC "NICH "MATI").

Legal Address: Russia, Moscow, Petrovka str., 27, 103767
Office address: Russia, Moscow, Ivana Franko str, 46, 121351

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P.O. Box 25, Moscow, Russia, 121351

Phone/Fax: (495) 417-5075

E-mail: post@nich-mati.ru

Personnel dep.: e-mail for resume - post @ nich-mati.ru
Technical center "Low-noise microwave devices": (495) 417-50-75, e-mail: post@nich-mati.ru
Research and Production Center "CALS Technologies": (495) 417-50-75, e-mail: post@nich-mati.ru
Engineering Center "The strength of CM structures": (495) 417-50-75, e-mail: info@prochnist.ru
Technological center "Hi-tec IT systems operating: test stands, RKT": (495) 417-50-75, e-mail: post@nich-mati.ru