CALS-tech center

Research and Design Center "CALS Technologies" has been created as a division of JSC "NICH "MATI" in October 2007.
Among the tasks:
Computer-aided design decision process (the formation of lists of accidents, the definition process of assembly and parts manufacturing routes, choice of methods of production, making connections, and control parts and components, the formation of technical specifications for tooling, an aggregate valuation, development and optimization of cycle graphs manufacturing and assembly , formation of electronic process documentation DTP).
Computer-aided design work process (design process steps and transitions in various kinds of work, the choice of equipment and tools, calculation of operating practices, standardization, creation of technical documentation set RTP).
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Low-noise microwave devices

The main activity of the center is to provide a low-noise microwave receivers. Conducted in the last decade, the cycle of research and development work has allowed to develop and implement a microwave receivers with extremely low noise characteristics.

Center of low-noise microwave devices, develops and manufactures:
low-noise amplifiers,
low noise LNBs,
frequency synthesizers and highly stable oscillators,
switching matrix,
microelectronic devices to polarization separation.
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Protecting the environment

Now conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of technology and methods for reducing exposures to the environment, innovative environmental planning and forecasting methods to ensure life safety in the technosphere, to prevent and reduce damage from emergencies, both natural and manmade.

Polymer composite materials

In this area of activity the works is carrying on the design and manufacturing of parts from heat-resistant protective screen-PCM with a given set of properties, as well as being applied research in nano-modified multifunctional composite materials (PCM NM) based on metal-binding agents.

Design and structural analysis of the Composite Structures

Engineering Center is engaged in designing, stress testing, analysis of structures made ??of composite materials. Possible to produce pilot lots of designed structures.

The products:
High pressure vessels;
Anisogrid geodesic structures;
The methods of construction design.
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Casting aluminum alloys

In the area of ??high-strength and corrosion-resistant cast aluminum alloy with controlled structure and properties of a given level now being elaborated formulations of new alloys based on the systems aluminum-magnesium, aluminum-lithium, aluminum-silicium, and others with a given level of physical, mechanical, technological and operational properties for progressive ways molding critical applications working in difficult conditions and environmental effects of the applied loads.

Materials with special properties

The enterprise conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of hydrogen and thermomechanical processing of titanium alloys and intermetallic compounds, hydrogen technology developed plastic deformation , studying materials with shape memory. Unique innovative technology of thermomechanical processing of titanium alloys can manage technological and performance intermediates and products. Developed technologies to ensure the regulated characteristics shape recovery based alloys TiNi have no analogues in the world.